Laikipia Tourism

Laikipia Tourism

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The Maralal Camel derby is a 3 day event that takes place every year in the quiet Samburu town of Maralal which is situated about 200 miles north of Nairobi, Kenya ,East Africa.The town has hosted the event since 1990 and attracts amateur and professional camel riders from all over the world. Countries that are represented include England, Canada, France, America, Australia, Spain, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand.

The three day race event is a chance to experience culture, colour, action and adventure first hand. This is not just a spectator sport – if you are going to attend the derby, why not saddle up and join in?

The route runs through the semi desert regions with varying degrees of difficulty. Racing Camels are available to hire should you wish to compete. Maralal is camel country and the humble Camel plays an important role in the local culture and way of life. It is considered a great honour to win the Maralal Camel Derby Title and competition is fierce.

When the Camel race begins the amateur racers set off in whatever direction their camels choose while the professionals break away from the pack at breakneck speeds.

Enjoy spectacular display of Samburu,Turkana and Rendile Culture and traditional dancing.

Other activities in the area include cycling race which is held concurrently with the  derby, with mountain bikes racing over a demanding course. The cycle race also attracts its share of dedicated professionals on world class bikes, as well as local amateurs on bikes that in some cases never see the end of the race.

Maralal is also home to Kenyatta House, the location where Jomo Kenyatta first president of Kenya was detained before his release. The town is surrounded by the Maralal National Reserve. Within the reserves boundaries roam a good variety of wildlife including impala, zebra, buffalo, leopard and hyena. Elephants pass through on a seasonal basis. The reserve has relatively few visitors compared to the Samburu reserves in the east which for many is part of its unique appeal

The Maralal Camel Derby is an interesting addition to those exploring the un spoilt Northern Frontier District. It is a good opportunity to actively experience the rich culture and heritage of Kenya’s nomadic people and in this neck of the woods you are guaranteed to meet some very interesting characters. Not to to mention the amazing attractions that this offers to those holiday makers on Kenya Safari during the time of the Derby.

Who Can Participate:-   Anyone   .Group would be welcome

How to Register for The Carmel Derby: Email :,

Assembly Point: West Gate Mall or any other agreed  pick up area then proceed to Maralal.

COST Per Person:  Contact James

PACKAGE INCLUDES : Transport From and To Nairobi,

Accommodation (Camping and or Moderate Lodges ),3 Meals a day.

Not Included: Race Registration, Hire of Camel

 Register Before:


About Laikipia

The Laikipia Plateau… at the foot of Majestic Mount Kenya,East Africa, visitors can take a walk among the worlds greatest game herds on the plains of the Laikipia and Samburu plateau or do trekking with camels across the Northern Frontier.

It is home to some of the greatest safari camps and lodges in East Africa.Mount Kenya Safari Club, Sweetwaters Tented Camp, Il Ngwesi to name a few.It also encompass the most beautiful properties: Colonial Farm Houses, Luxurious Tented Camps,Safari Camps,Community lodges and camping sites in the most spectacular locations in the original land of Laikipia Maasai.

The beauty of wildlife safari in Laikipia is being able to get off the beaten track to get a first hand experience of the beautiful wilderness and Nature where the “Big Five” (lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos) are spotted here all year round.

From custom-made four-wheel drive vehicles, to mountain biking and guided walks, Camel or Horse Riding ,guests can get the unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty and diverse cultural,traditional practices of different tribes of Laikipia whose communities practice eco-tourism.

These Communities here have managed to treat wildlife as a natural resource and take serious action to protect its wellbeing and their initiative projects continue to prove that humans and wildlife can not only live in the same environment, but actually thrive from the mutual relationship. And that is the Laikipia worth paying a visit.